Joe Moreira Jiu Jitsu Course 2 (6 DVD Set)
Joe Moreira Jiu Jitsu Course 2 (6 DVD Set)
Joe Moreira Jiu Jitsu Course 2 (6 DVD Set)
Joe Moreira Jiu Jitsu Course 2 (6 DVD Set)
Joe Moreira Jiu Jitsu Course 2 (6 DVD Set)

Joe Moreira Jiu Jitsu Course 2 (6 DVD Set)

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Introducing the highly anticipated Joe Moreira Jiu-Jitsu Course 2, an extensive 6-DVD set that picks up where Course 1 left off. Presented by the revered 8th-degree coral belt, Joe Moreira, this exceptional instructional series offers a deep dive into the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, taking your skills to new heights.

In this comprehensive 6-hour course, Joe Moreira builds upon the foundation established in Course 1, delivering an immersive learning experience. With a focus on fundamental concepts, principles, and techniques, Moreira imparts his profound knowledge to deepen your understanding of BJJ.

Through detailed explanations, step-by-step demonstrations, and practical insights, Moreira guides you through a wide range of techniques that are crucial for your growth as a practitioner. From effective submissions and sweeps to intricate transitions and advanced strategies, this course covers it all.

Whether you're a dedicated student or an experienced martial artist, the Joe Moreira Jiu-Jitsu Course 2 is designed to enhance your skills and broaden your understanding of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. By investing in this comprehensive 6-DVD set, you gain exclusive access to the teachings of a true master, allowing you to refine your technique, expand your repertoire, and advance your journey in the art of Jiu-Jitsu. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the most respected figures in the field—Joe Moreira—and unlock the secrets that will elevate your BJJ game to new levels.

About the instructor:

Joe Moreira is an 8th degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coral belt, 4th Degree Judo Black Belt, and an Original Ruas Vale Tudo Black Belt. He teaches seminars for his affiliates around the world, focusing on the fundamental principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that he has perfected over his 55 years of experience in martial arts.

Guard Chapter list: 40 minutes
1. Guard Chokes Introduction
2. Guard Choke 1

3. Guard Choke 2
4. Guard Choke 3
5. Guard Sweep 1
6. Guard Sweep 2
7. Guard in Action
8. Guard Review
9. Guard Private Lesson
10. Guard Summary


Guard 4x4 Chapter list: 20 minutes
1. Guard 4x4 Control Introduction
2. Guard 4x4 Control Technique 1
3. Guard 4x4 Control Technique 2
4. Guard 4x4 Control Technique 3
5. Guard 4x4 Control Omoplata
6. Guard 4x4 Control Kimura 1
7. Guard 4x4 Control Kimura 2
8. Guard 4x4 Control American Lock
9. Guard 4x4 Control Shoulder Lock


Pass the Guard Chapter list: 62 minutes
1. Pass the Guard Introduction
2. Pass the Guard Over Principles and Rules
3. Pass the Guard Defense
4. Pass the Guard Armlock Defense
5. Pass the Guard Triangle Defense
6. Pass the Guard Triangle Defense 2
7. Pass the Guard Technique 1
8. Pass the Guard Technique 2
9. Pass the Guard Technique 3
10. Pass the Guard Technique 4
11. Pass the Guard Technique 5
12. Pass the Guard in Action
13. Pass the Guard Review
14. Pass the Guard Private Lesson


Side Control Attacks Chapter list: 73 minutes
1. Side Control Attack Introduction
2. Side Control Body Control 1 Position 3
3. Side Control Body Control 2 Position 3a
4. Side Control Body Control 3 Position 3b
5. Side Control Body Control 4
6. Side Control Body Control Hon Kesa Gatame
7. Side Control Body Control Position 2 Choke 1
8. Side Control Body Control Position 2 Choke 2
9. Side Control Body Control Position 2 Choke 3
10. Side Control Body Control Position 3 Choke 1
11. Side Control Body Control Position 4 Choke 1
12. Side Control Reverse Armlock from Position 3
13. Side Control Position 2 Choke with American Lock
14. Side Control Shoulder Lock
15. Side Control Attack from Hon Kasa Gatame with Arim Straight
16. Side Control Attack in Action
17. Side Control Choke Hon Kesa Gatame
18. Side Control Attack in Action
19. Side Control Review
20. Side Control Private Lesson
21. Side Control Summary


Side Control Escapes Chapter list: 37 minutes
1. Side Control Escapes Introduction
2. Side Control Escape Position 1
3. Side Control Escape Position 2
4. Side Control Escape Position 3
5. Side Control Escape Position 4
6. Side Control Escape Position 5
7. Side Control Escapes in Action
8. Side Control Escapes Review
9. Side Control Escapes Private Lesson
10. Side Control Escapes Summary


Mount Attacks Chapter list: 34 minutes
1. Mount Attack intro
2. Mount Attack position 2
3. Mount Attack position 2 technique
4. Mount Attack position 2 choke 2
5. Mount Attack position 2 choke 3
6. Mount Attack position 2 choke 4
7. Mount Attack position 3
8. Mount Attack position 3 American lock
9. Mount Attack position 3 wrist lock
10. Mount Attack in action
11. Mount Attack review
12. Mount Attack private lesson
13. Mount Attack summary


Mount Escapes Chapter list: 20 minutes
1. Mount Escapes Introduction
2. Mount Escape Technique 1 
3. Mount Escape Technique 2 
4. Mount Escape Technique 3 
5. Mount Escape Technique 4
6. Mount Escape in Action
7. Mount Escape Review
8. Mount Escape Private Lesson
9. Mount Escape Summary 

Attacks from Back Chapter list: 25 minutes
1.Attack from the back introduction
2. Attack from the back position 1
3. Attack from the back position 2
4. Attack from the back position 3
5. Attack from the back position 4
6. Attack from back position in action.
7. Attack from the back review.
8. Attack from the back private lesson.
9. Attack from the back summary.


Escapes from Back Chapter list: 28 minutes
1. Escapes from Back Position Introduction
2. Escape from Back Position 1
3. Escape from Back Position 2
4. Escape from Back Position 3
5. Escape from Back Position 4
6. Escape from Back Position in Action
7. Escape from Back Position Review
8. Escape from Back Position Private Lesson
9. Escape from Back Position Summary


Snakes Chapter list: 24 minutes
1. Snake 2 Cross Snake
2. Cross Snake in Action
3. Cross Snake Technique
4. Snake 3 Circle Snake
5. Snake 3 Circle Snake in Action
6. Circle Snake Technique
7. Snake Technique in Action
8. Snake Technique Review
9. Snake Technique Private Lesson


Total run time 6 hours, 3 minutes

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