How to Develop your Aikido DVD by Ryuji Shirakawa - Budovideos Inc
How to Develop your Aikido DVD by Ryuji Shirakawa - Budovideos Inc

How to Develop your Aikido DVD by Ryuji Shirakawa

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Soft Movements and Unbalancing

Master the Essence of Aikido - Soft Movements and Unbalancing

Discover the secrets to improvement taught by a leading instructor acclaimed worldwide by enthusiasts. Aikido techniques that are circular, graceful, and powerful without force, captivate observers effortlessly. These techniques stem from unique body handling methods—entering (irimi) and blending (tenkan)—and the power of breath.

In this DVD, "Mastering Aikido," Ryuji Shira-kawa Sensei, renowned for his extensive social media following exceeding 100,000, meticulously selects 14 movements and techniques that vividly illustrate the essence of Aikido. Learn succinct explanations on footwork, hand techniques, and body usage through these movements.

Shira-kawa Sensei's teaching style, praised for its clarity and effective explanations, inspires immediate emulation.

Ideal for those who:

  • Want to practice stylish and beautiful Aikido.
  • Seek to understand the rational use of body movements in martial arts.
  • Wish to learn techniques that do not compete needlessly in strength.


1. Single Hand Grip Turn: Seamless Movements without Collision

  • Proper grip technique
  • Smooth transition without collision
  • Adding weight to the opponent
  • Variations in breathing techniques

2. First Teaching: Linear Movement and Twisting

  • Basic forms
  • Twisting to disrupt the centerline
  • Guiding and unbalancing with soft, circular motions
  • Techniques to unbalance the opponent using sword-drawing movements

3. Four-direction Throw: Circular Handling without Collision

  • Body handling that avoids collision with the opponent
  • Unbalancing the opponent with circular handling

4. Corner Drop: Deep Unbalancing towards the Center

  • Basic forms
  • Softly and deeply dropping the opponent
  • Techniques for dropping from chest or shoulder grabs
  • Techniques for sideways strikes

5. Entering Throw: Using Contact Points for Unbalancing

  • Basic forms
  • Deeply unbalancing the opponent
  • Soft unbalancing
  • Techniques for matching frontal strikes
  • Soft entry techniques
  • Unbalancing with cutting down movements

6. Both Hand Grip Heaven and Earth Throw: Using Vertical and Horizontal Movements

  • Basic forms
  • Reverse forms
  • Deeply unbalancing with soft techniques

7. Aiki Lift: Lifting the opponent's hips

8. Seated Technique Breathing Method: Shoulder Movement and Center Power

  • Basic posture
  • Techniques when strongly grabbed
  • Pulling back

9. Both Hand Grip Breathing Throw: Using Both Shoulders Softly

10. Second Teaching Back: Unbalancing the Hips, Not Pain

  • Basic forms
  • Sharply and deeply unbalancing
  • Adding weight
  • Softly and deeply applying to larger opponents

11. Multiple Hand Grip Unbalancing: Relaxation and Centerline

  • Lifting techniques
  • Soft movements using flow
  • Techniques when the opponent is heavy
  • Throwing with relaxation when strongly twisted and lifted

12. Back Both Hand Grip: Softly Raise and Escape

  • Basic posture and lifting method
  • Softly escaping
  • When pulled from behind

13. External Rotation Throw: Basic and Advanced Handling

  • Basic forms
  • Performing without rotation
  • Unbalancing with circular movements

14. Hip Throw: Tips for Softly Throwing Without Pain

  • Basic forms
  • Softly throwing from a low posture

Instructor & Supervisor: Ryuji Shira-kawa
In 2013, represented Japan in the Aikido division of the World Martial Arts Tournament, gaining attention from enthusiasts worldwide. Currently serves as the Chief Instructor of the Aikido Shinbu Rensei Juku, annually invited to instruct in over 10 countries worldwide. DVD "Mastering Aikido (Complete Two Volumes)"

 Length: 63 min.

Language: Japanese


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