Hiden Budo & Bujutsu Magazine January 2024

Hiden Budo & Bujutsu Magazine January 2024

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Embark on a journey to explore the profound world of Shorinji Kempo, delving into the core principles of "rigid, flexible, and organized" logic to uncover the essence of true strength.

Part 1: Immerse yourself in the sacred realm of Shorinji Kempo! Discover the founder's philosophy emphasizing "people, people, people" and the path to human development leading to strength.

Part 2: Witness the 2023 Shorinji Kempo World Tournament in Tokyo, Japan. Experience group performances and the bonds that transcend borders, embodying beauty, strength, and kindness.

Part 3: Engage in a special interview with Soko Uma Shike, the third generation's martial force, as he opens up a new era in Shorinji Kempo.

Part 4: Join the Shorinji Kempo International Seminar in Tadotsu to learn the principles of self-defense at this sacred place, cultivating strength on the journey back home.

The true meaning of multi-style training learned from Jeet Kun do masters by Aitake Mitani
Reverend Dan Inosanto talks about “Advanced concepts of JKD”

“Karate Day” special project Part 1: Reading from prewar newspapers [History of Okinawa karate]
"10 Okinawa Karate Masters Demonstration" gathered from Mika, Shuri

“Karate Day” Special Project Part 2 Okinawa Karate Special Event [Denny Tamaki x Amon Miyamoto/Dedication Demonstration/Commemorative Demonstration Festival]
“The miraculous Okinawan karate, the spirit of Ryukyu” is infused with the “prayers” of our predecessors.

Special discussion: Experts on body and mind talk!
Shintaro Yukawa x Naoto Nakamura “Experience the joy of matching your brain and body”

Honshin Seiden Aikijujutsu, Makoto Okamoto The essence of Shinkage-ryu martial arts conveyed by Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu
Unraveling Daito-ryu “Aiki” from the human body structure

Japan-Japan Martial Arts Exchange Association, Wataru Arai Practicing the tense and quick Tsunematsu-style Qiji-tong back-fist Kogashi-style
The essentials of Gogyo Tosekken learned from master Masaru Tsunematsu

Rodel Dagok, a master of modern arnis, will come to Japan for a seminar!
Learn the Dagok Arnis System from a Grandmaster

Go with Master William Reed
Meiji Shrine Dedication Japanese Kobudo Tournament 2023

Held in Kobe, the hometown of Mitsuteru Yokoyama, the author of the manga “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”!
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Festival “Chinese Martial Arts Demonstration 2023”

Personal trainer Yasuo Hidaka
"Flex Training" trains whole body movements using "tension"

Tetsuhiro Matsuda
Soseki and Torahiko's "Mechanics of Sumo" Q&A (final episode)

Yusuke Sasaki
Expert body analysis

“Inin Seiwa” at Narashino Seiryu Cave
“Ninbu” secret ─ Nindo practice training book!

Exercise Science Research Institute/Hideo Takaoka
“Sidewalk” Chuden that improves the quality and power of walking

Norio Sakai
Souden “Hatsumi Shinryu” The secret of Bujinkan martial arts

Akira Hino “Walking record of a martial artist”

Daniel Mardon “Okinawa Karate Dojo Visit Record”

Secret Journal

And more...

Language: Japanese

Hiden Budo & Bujutsu Magazine January 2024

Hiden Budo & Bujutsu Magazine January 2024

Prezzo di listino $12.99 USD
Prezzo di listino $19.00 USD Prezzo scontato $12.99 USD

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