Hakutsuru Ken (White Crane) DVD 1 by Sofue Toshihisa
Hakutsuru Ken (White Crane) DVD 1 by Sofue Toshihisa

Hakutsuru Ken (White Crane) DVD 1 by Sofue Toshihisa

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Discover the Depths of Karate: Basics and Introductory Kata Shiratori

Tracing the Origins of Karate with "Kaishu and Kitsune-ken"!

Learn "Hakutsu-ken," An Ancient Martial Art Passed Down to Elite Shitoryu Karate Practitioners

In this comprehensive DVD, Master Sobue Rikyu delves into the profound and ancient techniques of "Hakutsu-ken," a form that traces its origins back to the early Qing Dynasty. Fang Qiniang, a legendary figure known for her beauty and martial prowess, created "Hakutsu-ken" by blending her martial arts knowledge with the elegant and precise movements inspired by the crane. This form, deeply rooted in Shitoryu, is a cornerstone of advanced karate practice and is revealed in detail by Master Sobue, whose extraordinary physical capabilities belie his age of 80.


  1. Haffa

    • Demonstration: Observe the precise execution of Haffa.
    • Explanation: Understand the foundational concepts and movements.
    • Disassembly: Break down the techniques into manageable components for practice.
  2. Shiratori Small

    • Demonstration: Witness the form in its entirety.
    • Explanation: Learn the significance and application of each movement.
    • Disassembly: Analyze the form step-by-step for deeper understanding.
  3. Shiratori Large

    • Demonstration: View the complete execution of the form.
    • Explanation: Gain insight into the larger, more dynamic movements.
    • Disassembly: Study the techniques in detail to master the form.
  4. Shiratori (Swan)

    • Demonstration: See the graceful and powerful movements of the Swan form.
    • Explanation: Explore the techniques and their martial applications.
    • Disassembly: Break down the movements to perfect each aspect of the form.
  5. Things to Note about Shiratori

    • Key points and essential tips to keep in mind while practicing Shiratori forms.

Instructor/Supervisor: Master Rihisa Sobue

  • Background:

    • Born in 1942.
    • Worked as a science teacher and karate advisor at Teikyo High School for 40 years.
    • Established the Hakutsuru Kenpo Research Society in 2005 after learning 20 forms of Shitoryu's Hakutsuru Kenpo.
    • Leads Nippon Karate-do Shitoryu Kenbukai Shinbukan, mentoring the next generation of karate and kobudo practitioners.
  • Credentials:

    • 8th Dan Shitoryu Karate Hanshi
    • 9th Dan Kenbukai Tatsushi
    • 6th Dan certified by the All Japan Karate Federation
    • 8th Dan Hanshi in the All Japan Ryukyu Kobudo Federation
    • Master of Takeda-ryu Nakamura-ha

Language: Japanese

Run time: 44 min.
Hakutsuru Ken (White Crane) DVD 1 by Sofue Toshihisa

Hakutsuru Ken (White Crane) DVD 1 by Sofue Toshihisa

Prezzo di listino $39.95 USD
Prezzo di listino $59.00 USD Prezzo scontato $39.95 USD

Customer Reviews

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antonio Jose Fernandez Sanchez
Es un gran trabajo

Toshihisa Es un gran maestro y es un gran trabajo el que a realizado para darnos a conocer este hermoso estilo. por lo que estoy muy agradecido. He pedido el Dvd nº 2 pues me quede con ganas de mas.