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Expert of Match Vol 13 -Zero stance and Sliding Kumite DVD by Shin Tsukii

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1. What is Ukimi

  • Ukimi footwork
  • Ukimi stance

2.Break the Body and do Tsuki Far Away

  • Move your shoulders only, back and forth
  • Opening and closing of the scapula – Lie on your stomach-
  • Tilt the pelvis, back and forth with the movement of Isolation
  • Do a long Tsuki that extends as far as the length of two fists while standing in place (Sonoba)
  • Step in and do Tsuki

3. Do Keri Outside the Line

  • Chudan Mawashigeri -Rotate the hip outward and do Keri off the line-
  • Jodan Ura-Mawashigeri -When turning the waist, bring forward the scapula-
  • Ashibarai -Do Keri while maintaining a low posture-

4. Basic Practice of Sliding Kumite

  • Basic practice
  • Practical applications

[Practical Applications]

5. Basic Tsuki Techniques

  • Move the rear feet
  • Kizamizuki
  • Gyakuzuki
  • Kizamizuki → Gyakuzuki
  • Oi-Gyakuzuki

6. Flying Kumite – Advanced-

  • Basic footwork -Back and forth, from side to side-
  • Open stance and Cross stance
  • Flying Kumite -Tap the floor-
  • Do Keri with the front foot in the open stance
  • Do Keri with the rear foot in the cross stance

7. Adjust the Distance with the Soles of Your Feet

  • Land with the heels for a long distance
  • Land with the middle of the feet for a short distance

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 40 min.


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