Effective Movements in Tai Chi DVD by Yasuhiro Kawazu

Effective Movements in Tai Chi DVD by Yasuhiro Kawazu

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Transforming Mind and Body with the Wisdom of Chinese Martial Arts and Philosophy

Unleash the full potential of your inherent abilities with "Rewriting the Mind and Body," a guide inspired by the wisdom of Chinese martial arts and philosophy.

Relaxing the Kua (inguinal region), stabilizing the sacrum without moving the pelvis, and expanding the Mingmen (a vital point on the lower back)...

By changing your awareness, your body can instantly transform! Renowned martial arts body control advisor, Yasuhiko Kawazu, presents his highly anticipated Tai Chi-style body training DVD. Focusing on the keywords of waves, expanding the Mingmen, sacrum, and Kua, this training prioritizes the sensation of "qi" (energy) throughout the body, enhancing your inner strength and overall well-being.

Content Overview

Basics: Cultivating the Sensation of Qi

  • Enhancing the Sensation of Qi in the Palms: Developing a delicate skin sensitivity
  • Vibrating the Entire Body Up and Down: Bringing upper awareness downward
  • Differentiating Between Perineal Contraction and Mingmen Expansion: Creating waves
  • Relaxing the Ankles and Developing Yongquan: Grounding techniques
    1. Ankle flops
    2. Strengthening qi flow through Yongquan
  • Activating the Inner Body: Tantou exercises

Practical Techniques: Martial Arts Body Movements

  • Relaxing Shoulders and Elbows: Creating a connection from sacrum to fingertips
    • Feeling the waist and sides (extending arms upward; connecting sacrum to elbows in horse stance)
    • Twisting opposition creating Silk Reeling (Chansijin)
  • Expanding and Contracting the Ribcage: Developing deep inner space
    • Increasing thoracic mobility
    • Opening and closing the ribs
    • Open-Close exercises
  • Forming the Inner Thigh Line: Strengthening the central axis
    • Squats without pushing knees forward
    • Shifting weight to the inner thigh line
  • Expanding the Range of Motion of the Kua: Relaxing the inguinal region
    • Rotating the inguinal region with inner thighs
    • Continuous "lower posture" training to strengthen Kua
  • Manipulating the Sacrum and Expanding Mingmen: Strengthening Dantian awareness
    • Folding the inguinal region and expanding Mingmen
    • Mingmen breathing
    • Strengthening Mingmen awareness
  • Channeling Pressure from Contact Points to the Soles: Body control checks
    • Downward pressure (horse stance, Qishi)
    • Upward pressure (Qishi)
    • Frontal pressure (bow stance)
    • Lateral pressure (Tantou arms)
    • Swinging a person left and right in horse stance

Transforming Waves, Connections, and Relaxation into Internal Power (Jin) for Partner Applications

  • Lifting and Disrupting (Chen-style Fa Jin)
  • Sinking and Disrupting
  • Propelling Forward (Xinyi Liuhe Quan Shuangba/Danba)
  • Propelling Sideways (Yema Fenzong, Xinyi Liuhe Quan Shizhikuoheng)

Instruction and Supervision by Yasuhiko Kawazu

Yasuhiko Kawazu, born in 1980, encountered Chinese martial arts at 16 and began teaching Mantis Boxing at 21. He studied Wu-style Tai Chi and Xinyi Liuhe Quan in Hangzhou and Chen-style Tai Chi in Xi'an. Currently, he advocates effective body usage for interpersonal interactions and runs Chinese martial arts classes, including Chen-style Tai Chi, based in Osaka. Kawazu won the middleweight category in the first All Japan Push Hands Competition in 2016.

Language: Japanese

Run time: 72 min.


Effective Movements in Tai Chi DVD by Yasuhiro Kawazu

Effective Movements in Tai Chi DVD by Yasuhiro Kawazu

Prezzo di listino $39.95 USD
Prezzo di listino $59.00 USD Prezzo scontato $39.95 USD

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