Cutting Edge Leglocks 6 DVD Set with Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting

Cutting Edge Leglocks 6 DVD Set with Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting

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Tap Your Opponents with Techniques and Tactics They’ve Never Seen, Don’t Understand, and Can’t Stop! With Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting
Leglocks have changed the grappling game forever, and leglock attacks have never been more effective! But this area of jiu-jitsu is evolving FAST, so most grapplers need a bit of help to keep up with the times and avoid being left behind.

In Cutting Edge Leglocks, renowned black belt instructors Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting guide you through the most effective techniques, strategies, transitions, defenses, and recounters of the modern leglock scene in no gi competition.

This is no BS, to-the-point instruction with over 10 hours of content and zero filler (we just don’t love the sound of our own voices that much). The rapid-fire, action-packed content makes this most useful leglock instructional you’ll ever see.

This EPIC new instructional includes…

  • Ten hours of concise instructional in twelve highly organised volumes
  • 145 techniques, entries, counters, and drills to take your leglocks to the next level
  • The latest leglock strategies and concepts 
  • Updated entries that your training partners won’t see coming
  • A complete system for the false reap, a leglock system only the best grapplers know
  • The Z lock, the scariest leglock on the scene right now
  • We’ve all been doing it wrong for years; here are the improved methods for finishing leglocks
  • Transitions and entries to backside 50/50, a leglocking position where you hold all the cards
  • How to safely and repeatedly turn the tables on your partner when he’s trying to leglock you… and leglock him instead!
  • Reverse pathway attacks that come on quick!
  • The outside sankaku position, a position used by giant-slayers on much bigger people
  • Primary and secondary attacks that work together to create a rapid-fire machine gun effect
  • Leglocks to give you the advantage even when you’re caught in seemingly inescapable positions
  • How to defeat the leglock defenses that your opponent will inevitably throw at you
  • Combining leglocks, backtakes, and guard passes so that your opponent won’t know what’s coming next
  • How to counter leglocks with rolling backtakes, scissor wedges and twister hooks, and how to counter these attacks when your opponent tries to do them to you
  • New submissions like the flash kneebar, the side kneebar, the Grippo rippo, and the Aoki lock
  • Escaping leglocks… even when they appear to be fully sunk on!
  • Simple leglock adjustments that stop your opponent from getting on top and smashing you 
  • See how leglocking is the safest, most effective way to defeat a high-level guard player
  • Double lever control strategies that make it completely impossible for your opponent to stand up when you’re leglocking him
  • Control details like the hip hook, the inside and outside ankle clamps
  • How to continue your attack even if your opponent manages to slip his foot out of your grip or begin to escape his knee from your entanglement
  • Surprise entries that mean you’re never more than a few transitions from a match-ending submission
  • Most importantly… how to safely train, drill and practice the most dangerous leglocks currently known
  • And much, much more

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