BJJ for Old F***S 2: The Passing Game 4 DVD Set with Rob Biernacki & Stephan Kesting
BJJ for Old F***S 2: The Passing Game 4 DVD Set with Rob Biernacki & Stephan Kesting

BJJ for Old F***S 2: The Passing Game 4 DVD Set with Rob Biernacki & Stephan Kesting

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How to Defeat the Younger, More Athletic Opponent by Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting, Vol 2

Learn How to Stay Relevant on the Mats into your 40’s and 50’s with High Level Guard Passing with Rob Biernacki, the World’s Foremost Proponent of Conceptual Jiu-Jitsu.
Young punks LOVE using their insane flexibility and bottomless gas tanks to contort themselves into positions that would snap you in half, and then flip, twist and turn into all sorts of new-fangled attacks.

You’d like to train the same way, but the trouble is you’re in an older, high mileage body now.

It’s slower, stiffer, and your endurance isn’t what it used to be. Makes it hard to keep the same pace as these young guys who have all the time in the world to train.

Right now you keep on falling into some young guy’s inverted-reverse-de-la-worm-guard sweep. And then in no gi class he spins from one leglock into another on your legs. Sometimes you think you’re just the class training dummy.

None of this is your fault; it’s just the way things go. Still, it sure would feel nice to smash some guards, get some dominant positions, and choke out some of these young punks before sending them to bed without dinner!

Well, the good news is that this is doable. All you need are the correct techniques and the strategies to link them together…

BJJ for Old F***s, the Passing Game is volume 2 in our series dedicated to giving older grapplers the techniques, strategies, and training methods they need to pass the guard of any opponent and stay effective on the mats.

In this instructional you’ll first get the critical concepts for passing the guard as an older guy so that you can smash those younger players while staying safe. Then you’ll get 5 complete strategies for passing the guard, including the setups, followups, and finishes. Four of these strategies work equally well gi and no gi (we did include one that’s a little more gi-oriented).

Here’s a complete list of what’s covered in this amazingly detailed instructional…

These are the guiding principles that will keep you relevant, safe and effective on the mats in your high-mileage body. A concepts-first approach is so much more powerful than simply memorising a whole bunch of techniques…

Passing Standing vs Kneeling
Controlling Your Center of Gravity
Staying Out of Guards
Basic Sweep Recovery
Base Switching
Post Switching
These stacking sequences are the perfect way to smash and pass those younger, more flexible, more athletic grapplers. This approach allows you to ‘cook’ your opponent so that he’ll practically beg you to pass his guard.

The 3 Passing Positions (Tripod, Stack, Cross Body)
Putting Them On Their Back
Breaking Posture vs Seated Guard
Passing from the Stack
Forcing the Leg Drag vs Flexible Players
Taking the Back When They Roll
Transition to the Knee-Over Pass
Transitioning to the Tripod
Tying it All Together
FYJJ The Stack
Tripod passing is the most energy efficient way to pass the guard while preventing your opponent from putting you into any sort of meaningful entanglement. Perfect for grapplers in their 40’s and 50’s, this one volume will totally change the way that you pass the guard.

The Tripod Position
Toreando Pass From High Tripod
Shin Circle or X Pass From High Tripod
Underhook Knee Cut Pass From High Tripod
Double Underhooks and Knee Cut Pass From High Tripod
Near Side Underhook and Far Side Knee Cut From High Tripod
Shin Circle Pass From Low Tripod
Changing Directions From Low Tripod
Transitioning to The Wall
The Wall to Step Out Pass
Wall to 3/4 Mount or the Back
Tying it All Together
FYJJ The Tripod
Cross body grip passing gives you maximum control while exposing you to minimum risk. This passing system basically allows you to walk around your opponent’s guard while preventing him from sweeping or submitting you.

The Cross Body Grip Position
Breaking Posture to Establish a Threat
Winning the Grips
Passing to the Collar Side
Passing to the Pants Side
Alternating Directions
Timing the DLR Pull
Transitioning to the Tripod if the DLR Pull Succeeds
Why We’re Not Including the Longstep
Tying it All Together
FYJJ The Cross Body Grip
Forcing your way into the half guard and then passing from there is one of those old-school techniques that works even better today. The key is having an answer to each problem that your opponent puts in your way so you can systematically dismantle their defenses on your way to your dominant position.

Passing From the Knees
Forcing Half Guard
Transitioning to the Tripod vs Knee Shield
Windshield Wiper to Knee Over Pass vs Knee Shield
Defeating Upper Body Frames to Win Underhook or Crossface
Passing From Underhook
Passing From Crossface
Not only is bodylock passing one of the most effective ways an older grappler can pass the guard it’s also one of the best ways to shut down the modern leglock game. In this section you’ll get a succinct strategy for destroying and passing your opponent’s guard.

Bodylock Pass vs Butterfly Overview
Grip Scheming
Beating the Legs
Completing the Pass
Mounting the Legs vs Hip Escape
Putting it All Together
FYJJ Passing from the Knees
How to Train with Rob

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