Baseball Choke DVD with Magid Hage - Budovideos Inc
Baseball Choke DVD with Magid Hage - Budovideos Inc
Baseball Choke DVD with Magid Hage - Budovideos Inc
Baseball Choke DVD with Magid Hage - Budovideos Inc
Baseball Choke DVD with Magid Hage - Budovideos Inc
Baseball Choke DVD with Magid Hage - Budovideos Inc

Baseball Choke DVD with Magid Hage

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Magid Hage IV shocked the world by submitting 2 high level black belts in the same competition with his specialty move - the Baseball Choke. Magid will show you how you can use this unorthodox choke to surprise even the most seasoned competitors. Magid will show you all the details about the grips and how to finish this choke from literally any position.

1 Intro
2 Intro to the grips
3 from knees
4 from standing
5 from scissor sweep
6 closed guard on top
7 half guard on top traditional
8 half guard on top rolling
9 half guard knee on belly
10 half guard on bottom
11 from back escape
12 sitting and opponent on knees
13 butterfly from top
14 butterfly from bottom
15 single leg standing
16 single leg sprawled
17 from mount
18 from knee on belly
19 double guard pull leg drag
20 double guard pull leg drag counter
21 jump over escape
22 outro


Languages: English and Japanese

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David Tice
A must have DVD instructional

If you pratice and compete in the gi then this is a must have instructional. My friends and students agree with me. For Judo or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu it's great.
Don't miss it!

Decent DVD but Lacking in Detail.

Magic Hage shows you how to hit the baseball choke from multiple positions. After watching this DVD and a few of Magid Hage's BJJ matches, it is obvious this is his go to move and he is legitimate in his ability to hit the technique live. However, just because someone can hit the technique seemingly magically, doesn't mean they necessarily know how to teach others how to do it. Magid Hage unfortunately illustrates this point.

He does a good job in teaching the gross motor patterns involved in the baseball choke, but lacks in explaining the finer positioning and movements needed to make it effective. If you are a natural athlete and have the aptitude for grappling, then this DVD might be a worthwhile investment, but for everyone else however, they will find the DVD sorely lacking in instruction.

Chris Baldwin
Lights Out!

I am a purple belt under Master Marcelo Alonso, Carlson Grace team. This video is dynamite. The baseball is so versatile it can be applied from almost any position and in particular makes guard passing a nightmare for your opponent. Excellent descriptions and details by Magid IV. Oss!

keith romer
very good

I am a black belt under the Valente Brothers, involved since 1995 previous history karate. Jim Alfonso.
I thought the content was very good . it gave me a new view of the base ball choke from many positions I had not thought of. The instructor and father. good to see the involvement. The instructor made me feel feel he was genuinely interested in your success. He gave out info to contact him you wanted help.
The one drawback this should have been on 2 dvd,s to slow the movement down. I saw Roy Dean teach after his interview with budo jake. It was at a pace that I liked.
But hat is off to instructors. They did something they will only grow from.