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Bagua Zhang San Yuan Zhang DVD by Jean-Jacques Galinier

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Bagua Zhang The Palm of the Eight Trigrams

The Art of the Spirals and of the Circle Moving
The Three Root Palms

Jean-Jacques Galinier:
He has been practicing martial arts for more than thirty years.
This Taiji Quan expert of the Yang style and Chen style, with 25 years of practice and of research devoted to internal martial arts, is a founder of the Fa Taiji School.
He has been studying the theory of the Bagua for twenty years, under the supervision of Master Wei Liang and has been practicing the Bagua Zhang for more than ten years according to two schools, one school from China named Qian Gua Bagua Quan (School of the Sky) and the other according to the works of Master Su Dong Chen.
In October 2004, he won 4 Gold medals in China, at the Traditional Wu Shu International Tournament of Qingdao in en Taiji Quan Yang Style, in Saber Taiji, in Sword Taiji and in BA GUA ZHANG, as well as a silver medal in Chen Style Taiji Quan.

The Ba Gua Zhang is an internal martial art born in China, entitled the art of « The Palm of the Eight Trigrams ».
This pedagogical double film will lead you to the understanding of the keys of this almost esoteric art which never before has been clearly explained.
The author shows you in a logical manner the whole structure underlying this art, which is part of the great family of internal martial arts, like the Taiji Quan and the Xingyi Quan.

The Bagua Zhang School, as presented by Jean-Jacques Galinier is based on the tradition of the « Anterior Sky » the Xian Tian 先天. This is the oldest analogical reference system of the ancient Chinese thought, a true cosmogonic tool in order to know yourself..

The Bagua Zhang differs particularly from the other martial styles because of its moving along circles, based on the motion of the planets that turn the ones around the others according to definite orbits, which symbolizes cosmic order.
This is a graceful practice which, step by step, unveils its true artial force which lies in the art of the spirals.

Program of the Vol 1:
Introductory exercises _ the eight types of walks – the eight forms of steps – the initial stance – the Three Mother Palms with martial applications – pedagogical exercises with partner – as extra features find a whole theoretical explanation of the Bagua

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Running Time: 90 Minutes

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