80/20 Leg Surfing System 3 DVD Set by Josh Hayden

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Leglock master Josh Hayden is here to share with you his detailed knowledge about lower body submissions.


DVD 1 “ 80/20 Leg Surfing System (Offense) Part 1”

  • Standing entry into the beginning of the 80/20 Leg Surfing System
  • Top Guard entry into the beginning of the 80/20 Leg Surfing System
  • Straight Ankle Lock
  • Tripod belly down ankle lock when opponent defends the regular straight ankle by
  • 2 leg on outside heel hook when opponent defends straight ankle by pushing
    foot off of hip
  • How to deal with the “Boot” when finishing heel hook.
  • How to finish someone who has a weak boot
  • How to finish someone who has a strong boot
  • How to transition from outside lace heel hook to inside lace heel hook...the right
    way so they don’t escape in the process.
  • How to finish the straight ankle lock from the inside lace
  • How to finish the heel hook from the inside lace
  • How to transition to the Knee knot position or some people call it the Honey Hole, or
    4-1-1 position.
  • How to finish the Texas Clover Leaf From the Knee knot position the right way
    that taps black belts
  • How do apply the Hayden Toe Hold from the knee knot/honey hole position
  • How to get the check mate of all submissions...the honey hole reverse heel hook!

DVD 2 “80/20 Leg Surfing System (Offense) Part 2”

  • 80/20 position and philosophy and why it’s better than the 50/50
  • 80/20 rolling entry and how to get to it while opponent is trying to pass.
  • 80/20 Hayden toe hold that puts then in danger while keeping you perfectly safe from their counter attacks.
  • 80/20 reverse heel hook which when applied with the correct pressure will tap out anyone while staying perfectly safe from their attacks.
  • 80/20 Toe hold bait is way to trick great grapplers into making a mistake and then capitalizing on it.
  • 80/20 stand up offense is a way to deal with an opponent who tries to stand to their feet in the 50/50 and make it even worse for them.
  • 80/20 escape route is the way you can escape anyones 50/50 at any time if you so choose to or if things aren’t working out for you there.

DVD 3: “Defense And Counters To The Most Common Leg Locks”

  • How to properly use “The Boot” to keep you ankles and knees safe until you counter attack or escape.
  • How to escape the “Hayden” Ankle lock
  • How to counter the “Hayden” Ankle lock with a tight leg lock of your own
  • How to Escape the Single leg X ankle lock position
  • How to Counter the Single leg X ankle lock position with your own ankle breaking hack
  • Counter to X-guard transition with a quick easy leg lock of your own
  • How to escape the most common heel hooks, the easy way
  • How to escape the “Done Deal” inside lace heel hook position
  • How to escape the honey hole/ knee knot position and all of its submissions.
  • BONUS: slick half guard entry to the 80/20 Leg surfing system
  • Review of the entire system in action


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