The Warrior's Mind: 8 Ancient Keys to Happiness 2 DVD Set with Todd Norcross

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We have all experienced bad days, bad weeks, and even bad years. When we feel that we lack a purpose, we tend to not care - much less care for others.

In this mind-science teaching series, martial arts black belt instructor and meditation expert Todd Ryotoshi Norcross guides us through eight ancient philosophies that will strengthen our moods and minds for the better.

Join sensei Norcross on this journey into how we habitually think, and how we can slowly remove the negative obstacles within us in order to find long-lasting peace of mind and contentment in this fast paced world.

Disc 1:
-Right view
-Right intention
-Right speech
-Right action
-Right livlihood

Disc 2:
-Right effort
-Right mindfulness
-Right concentration

Bonus chapters:
-A guided breathing meditation
-The art of gratefulness
-Our life is significant


Customer Reviews

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Really hit home for me. Great lessons in here.

Highly recommend this meditation and self help DVD. Sensei Norcross is a great presenter. He clearly lays out the
eightfold noble path and it really helped me get through some tough times. If you want something to
make you a better human, listen to these over and over.