The OCTAGON: Blood & Steel (The Genesis of Mixed Martial Arts) DVD

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This documentary reveals, for the first time, facts and historical information
about the origins of MMA that have never been told to the public. With
exclusive interviews with Martial Arts Historians, magazine editors,
journalists, and legendary Martial Arts teachers, the truth about where the MMA
comes from, is finally unveiled.

On October 23rd 1951, the legendary Helio Gracie fought the Japanese Champion
Masahiko Kimura in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This event changed the history of
combat sports. Forty-two years, later in 1993 the first "Ultimate Fighting
Championship", a more refined version of the fights originally known aw "Vale
Tudo" (*no-holds-barred") - took place in Denver. Colorado. Some described it
as the "wildest event in the history of sport fighting"... but before that
night on November 12th, a family name had already been established and their
members were considered as the "toughest fighters in the world." They set the
foundation of blood and steel for what today is known as MIXED MARTIAL ARTS,
the fastest growing sport in the world.

This documentary takes you back to the true origins of the UFC and MMA as we
know them today. The original concept was forged in Brazil, until one man
decided that it was the right time to finally answer the age-old question of
"what is the most effective style of Martial Arts"... and changed the world of
fighting sports forever.