High Level Takedowns & Mat Control for Grapplers 4 DVD Set by Henry Cejudo

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Reigning UFC Champion & Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler Henry Cejudo Wants To Show You His Complete System To Takedown Bigger & Stronger Opponents Easily - Every Time


The Man Joe Rogan Calls “The Greatest Combat Athlete In History” Is Also An Incredible Teacher & He Shows Step By Step –Just How It Easy To Take Anyone Down.  Bigger, Stronger, Younger, More Athletic: They Will All Fall


Henry Cejudo has made a career out of winning against all the odds. In 2008, at the age of 20, he entered the Olympics as a huge underdog and was trailing before big comeback wins in every match into the finals. There, he became the youngest American ever to win an Olympic gold medal, the most prestigious accomplishment in the sport. 


A decade after winning a gold medal, he walked into the UFC cage as the David to flyweight Goliath Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, the #1 ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the world. That night, he took Mighty Mouse to the limit and captured the UFC Championship, becoming the first person to ever beat Johnson at 125 pounds. He’s the only man *ever* to do both, and now the most successful combat sports athlete of all time is sharing his keys to grappling gold with this all-new series, Wrestling For Grapplers by Henry Cejudo.


It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced wrestler or a takedown newbie, this instructional series is made with every grappler in mind and by the end of it, you can be moving more comfortably and confidently on your feet than ever. By building from the basic foundations of the sport up, you can see the most important keys to successful wrestling that made Henry the best in the world and an American wrestling legend. These are the building blocks of wrestling with grappling in mind so that you can develop a takedown game that suits you.


Rolling with wrestlers can be a head scratching experience if you have never felt it before. The body control, pace, and balance can leave you all tripped up, and that’s before they start grabbing your legs! But there’s good news for all of us that didn’t ever win state titles and wrestle in college: you can still learn how to wrestle and compete for takedowns, you just need to put in the time to learn and commit to proper fundamentals. Even an experienced wrestler is certain to get a whole new perspective on how to grapple from the feet, thanks to Henry’s unmatched pedigree.


What kind of fundamentals does a grappler need to build for wrestling? Learn how to manage space and move your body so that you can work without exhausting your muscles. Find out what Henry is doing when he moves guys, even those much bigger and stronger, all around the mat using leverage. See exactly the best ways to get into the legs without getting squished by a sprawl, and then how to finish in the best ways for a grappler. This is Olympic-caliber technique, optimized for today’s modern grappling game, making this a can’t-miss opportunity to learn from the best!


If there’s one word that is the secret to Henry’s unmatched success, it’s perfectionism. He is a technician who made it a mission to find and master the details in every position, because (as he puts it) “the devil is in the details”. He teaches the same way he learns, laying out every detail with surgical precision and explaining his reason for each movement and action. You can almost see the wheels turning as Henry coaches you through how you can go from wrestling white belt to a takedown machine. It’s his hope that this can help turn you into the best technician and takedown artist you can be!