Shinkage Ryu 2 DVD Box Set

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Video version textbook for learning Shinkage-ryu military art.
The Shinkage-ryu is one of Japan's leading schools, which was founded during the Warring States period by Kensei and Kamiizumi Nobutsuna, and is said to have influenced most of the schools that followed. A teaching work created to learn the basic techniques and acquire them correctly. A bargain BOX that includes two volumes, top and bottom.

[Shinkage-ryu Houho-Kai] Kamiizumi Isemori Nobutsuna, who learned the Nen-ryu, Katori Shindo-ryu, and Yin-ryu, which are said to be the three major sources of Japanese swordsmanship, is especially the "Marobashi-no-michi" from the Yin-ryu. Was extracted and the Shinkage-ryu was founded. After that, the second generation was inherited by Munetoshi Yagyu Ishifunesai, and his child Yagyu Tajima Munenori became a military art master of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and Shinkage-ryu became the Tokugawa Ichimon's "Goryu Gijutsu" and became famous. The Shinkage-ryu sword is "intangible", which is a combination of offense and defense, with no stance in mental skills. As a "lively sword" that lets the opponent perform a technique and win, it is a feat that makes the enemy work a lot and "wins while staying". The Shinkage-ryu military art transfer meeting, which was formed in 1969 by Tadanari Watanabe, who inherited the 22nd generation of the Shinkage-ryu military art, is energetic for the purpose of embodying the technique of "marobashi" and commending the Shinkage-ryu. Activities.

Language: Japanese

Length: 187 min. on 2 DVDs