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In this episode, join me on a wild conversation with Erik Paulson covering a whole slew of topics such as:  Early days of MMA in Japan Fighting vs coaching Risk vs reward in an MMA career Erik’s most memorable moment in his martial arts career Why not to have sex before a fight Erik’s spiritual side Erik reading Jake’s aura Erik’s serious neck injury from getting sprawled on Learning a more effective and faster choke than the RNC Teaching cops how to fight Multiple Races of Aliens 100% exist Why is congress talking about UFOs so much now? Are aliens...

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On today's episode of TWIBJJ, my guest is Dave Kama who runs Kama Jiu-jitsu in Laguna Niguel, CA. He's one of Rickson Gracie's first black belts in the US and has a great understanding of the art. The news topics include: -My 5 thoughts on the 5 Grappling Super League tournament -EBI 4 will be live on Aug 15th! -ADCC 2015 will be live on Aug 29th & 30th! This week's new products include: -Journey into Jiujitsu by Nic Gregoriades -Progressive Jiujitsu by Nic Gregoriades & Oli Geddes -BJJ Building Blocks by Nic Gregoriades -Half Guard 3 Volume series by...

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