Wiseman BJJ: Footlocks, Closed Guard Attacks & Stopping Guard Passes 4 DVD Set with Rodrigo Cavaca

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36 Year Old Rodrigo Cavaca is a world-class competitor. 

Not only that, he's also the undisputed BEST BJJ TEACHER IN THE WORLD FOR GUYS OVER 30! 

Cavaca took a lowly white belt with puffy cheeks - Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida - and turned him into the greatest competitor ever to step on a mat. He has trained lots of other wrecking machines as well - he started a new team a couple of years ago and he already has over 200 schools affiliated. Think about all of his accomplishments as a competitor, coach and team owner... he may seem like a regular guy in the US but in Brazil, the best Grappling country on the planet by a mile, he's royalty. He's been around a long time and despite his unassuming demeanor - Cavaca is a Jiu Jitsu genius who sees things the rest of us don't see. He can watch just how you and your opponent move and quickly teach you how to beat him or teach him how to beat you.

Cyborg is under 6 feet tall but a very thickly muscled 230 lbs - he's built like a bodybuilder. He can likely bench press over 400 lbs, he is insanely flexible - he turns upside down like a Cirque de Soleil performer - and is probably the most explosive guy in BJJ. He has won a lot too - in Brazil he was a wrestling champion - and he's won the ADCC open class championship when he beat Keenan Cornelius and Buchecha. Imagine trying to fight this guy...

So what are the secrets that allow a 36 year old business man to smash professional athletes in their athletic primes?

1. Attack the feet. This is where all of the young studs are weak - there are no muscles down there.. Again, Cavaca is a nice guy but when he attacks the feet he sounds like an evil doctor - he knows how they are supposed to bend and how they aren't.. when he goes for a "straight" footlock, it is fully legal but he bends the foot a completely different way - it's more like a toe hold or a heel hook - the power in the submission it is mind numbing. If you feel it your eyes want to jump out of your head - it is almost like cheating.

If the opponent resists - he has a whole series of sequences that will ensure his opponent's doom. The first one is that he switches hands and goes to a "lion killer” grip - wherever on the lower leg that you grab, it wants to explode. The other one is the toe hold. Most guys get frustrated but once you learn which way to roll the toes - this becomes close to a game over submission. Cavaca knows how to break a foot like no one else (if they tap - which they will - it won't break).

2. Develop a great closed guard. Cavaca's closed guard is like a Venus fly trap - there is no getting out. His attacks are simple but you probably haven't seen them. He has little guard hacks that give him an unfair advantage- when he uses the lapels in a Brabo grip or under the leg - the opponent just can't move. This grip opens a series of chokes, arm locks, sweeps and back takes.

3. Retain Your guard. Cavaca says the secret to keeping your guard and not getting it passed is to know the most common guard passes and how to stop them. He has systems to stop the Knee Cut, the Torreando, the Double Under, the Over Under and the smash pass. Knowing how to stop all of these passes will make you FEEL SAFE ON THE BOTTOM AGAINST YOUNG MAT KILLERS!

The match started and then it stopped... Cyborg tapped - it only took 10 seconds. Cavaca has an ankle lock setup we've never seen - it's simple, it's fast and it's easy and it's one of the first positions he shows on his DVD series. You won't believe how effective or simple it is.

So what's on the DVD set?


DVD 1: Footlocks from the top
DVD 2: Footlocks from the bottom
DVD 3: Closed Guard
DVD 4: Counter Series