Old School Smash Pass by Joe Moreira (On Demand)

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Chapter list:
1. Principles of Smash Passing
2. Over Pass
3. Under Pass
4. Triangle Defense
5. When the Knees Come in
6. Knee Shield
7. When the Feet Come in
8. Half Guard
9. Deep Half Guard
10. Closing

Customer Reviews

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stick with it and get better skills

This is a great instructional that is practical and boils things right down for you. If you are new to jiujitsu or judo ground fighting, or the person with so many instructionals (they are all over the place when they try something) this is for you because; what you need to know is boiled right down for you. Joe Moreira is legit and budo Jake knows his stuff to. The one draw back is Joes accent; it does make you wonder if he is speaking English so I took away a star; but if you buy the on demand you can keep watching it till you get it, once again "stick with it and get better skills".