Attacking the Guard by Josh Barnett (On Demand)

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Josh Barnett has proven himself time and time again against the world's toughest competition. A former UFC Heavyweight Champion and the current King of Pancrase, Josh stands at the top of the MMA food chain.

In this stellar two-hour plus seminar, Josh shares never before seen methods to counter one of the most popular strategies in modern grappling and Mixed Martial Arts - the "Guard", including instruction on:

-Posture, head & hand control
-Tripoding to create pressure
-Tripod punishment variations
-Putting it all together
-Take off a pair of pants
-Snapping the rubber guard
-Delivering punishment to guard players to create a reaction
-Debate: Pancrase vs Shooto
-Striking from the guard
-Leg locks: Standing achilles & half crab
-Achilles lock
-Toe hold entry

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Customer Reviews

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saif ghubash
Good instructional

This is a video of a seminar, length is about 2 hours and sound and video quality are decent.

The content is pretty high quality, with Barnett focusing more so on concepts than specific techniques. There is a linear progression so it starts off basic and builds upon previous information until it becomes the most complicated at the very end.

As a primarily a Judo player, I have to deal with people pulling guard as more people come into the sport from BJJ. Knowing how to frustrate and attack a guard player is a key component of my game. Barnetts approach to this is stacking/smashing, which is a great tactic as well as leg locks (which doesn't work for me). A lot of the content is dick move territory (such as grinding knuckles on the face and elbowing the thigh) but its still useful to know.

I do wish that there was more of a focus on submissions other than leg locks against the guard as well as some more in-depth discussion about how to tripod when your opponent is actively defending against it since it can be near impossible to pull off against high level guard players, also would have been nice to deal with more conventional guards rather than just closed guard and rubber guard. But its understandable since the content is slightly more geared towards MMA and Nogi.

Nonetheless this a great video and I would recommend it.