Ushiro-Style Breathing: Streaming Ki through the Body Book by Kenji Ushiro

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A freed body not being stuck.
An unified body with Ki streaming through the body.
A “Practical” breathing method that enables the body to bring out its full potential.

This practical breathing method comes from Kenji Ushiro, who has been guiding people with his Ki energy that he acquired, as a program to enable people to free their body from being stuck. This breathing method is completely different from the existing ones such as chest breathing, abdominal breathing, or tanden which require people to be conscious or image their body parts.

It is necessary to unify the body by having Ki running through the body to enable the body’s potential that people are born with. Getting back the natural body is the foundation to bring up the energy from within. This leads to the breathing that creates a body without an opening which is one of the ultimate goal of martial arts.

The book comes with illustrations that describe the breathing method and the online video demonstrating the actual breathing practice.

Language: English & Japanese