The Sacred Warrior by Alfredo Tucci (E-book)

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The Sacred Warrior, which you hold in your hands, is not only the continuation of Alfredo’s world interpretation, but also a qualitative step in the topics he studies. These are the matters which have always worried the human being: death, fight for survival, honor, and a way for bravery, responsibility and commitment —all of them from an assumption of humility, as he himself writes in one of the chapters of the book. With a language which would be qualified by “modern” people nowadays as “politically incorrect,” we can see a series of researches and opinions, with which you can agree or not (I personally agree almost one hundred percent), but which certainly exude intent, sincerity, intelligence and that feeling of sharing with knowledge and friendship John Huston said that after the age of twenty each one is responsible for his face. That is why Alfredo writes: sharing knowledge and friendship, because he writes who he is. Estanislao Cortés, Writer, PoetBudo International Publ. Co. Council President.

The pages of this book show how a life arising from thought is less sad, more parsimonious, and where the intellect claims to be the inspiration of our conduct. Enjoy them. Salomón Castiel, Journalist.

Life has its rules macerated in millions of years; maybe one of them is to believe that we can break them. Not bad! Don Quixote also exists! Thank you Tucci, many of us thank you sincerely for your clarity. But we must really thank you for something else; for your brilliant presentation in: “Need, desire, intention”, that wonderful chapter beginning with an eloquent quote by Groucho Marx. It is gorgeous, Tucci! Read it! Read it! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

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Language: English

112 pages