Scaling Force DVD by Rory Miller & Lawrence A Kane

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In the Scaling Force DVD, Rory Miller and Lawrence A. Kane explain and demonstrate the full range of options during a violent encounter, from skillfully doing nothing to applying deadly force. You will learn to understand the limits of each type of force, when specific levels may be appropriate, the circumstances under which you may have to apply them, and the potential cost of your decision, legally and personally.

Run time: 120 min
Language: English
All Regions

Content Includes:

  • Level 1—Presence. Staving off violence using body language alone.
  • Level 2—Voice. Verbally de-escalating conflict before physical methods become necessary.
  • Level 3—Touch. Defusing an impending threat or gaining compliance via touch.
  • Level 4—Empty-Hand Restraint. Controlling a threat through pain or forcing compliance through leverage.
  • Level 5—Less-Lethal Force. Incapacitating a threat while minimizing the likelihood of fatality or permanent injury.
  • Level 6—Lethal Force. Stopping a threat with techniques or implements likely to cause death or grievous bodily harm.