Police Self Defense DVD with Jose Luis Montes

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José Luís Montes, UN police technical adviser and international master of police self defense, has 33 years of experience in several martial arts, 23 of which in the Spanish National Police, where he is still working as an official instructor. In this DVD, the result of numerous field missions under the flag of international agencies, he presents the unification of knowledge of policemen from all over the world, synthesizing the simplest and most effective techniques for police work according to the highest international protocols. The program includes arrest techniques in different situations and variations depending on the dangerousness and resistance of the arrested perpetrator; handcuffing techniques, ensuring maximum safety for the officers and for the arrested; techniques to overcome situations of passive resistance; controls and transport with or without shackles; detention and control on the ground, and a sample of self-defense techniques ending in the arrest of the perpetrator. A ground-breaking work which will become a reference in this field from now on.
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French