Mugen Kai Iaido Kihon Waza DVD with Sueyoshi Akeshi

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Kihon waza (the basic techniques) are the most important part of any martial art training. In this DVD Master Sueyoshi Akeshi shows various forms of training Kihon with Bokken, Katana and empty hand. In this work, we explain in great detail each technique, so that the practitioner has a clearer idea of each movement and how the body should correspond to the work of each Kihon. All techniques are based on the absence of common Kime (brute force) so that the body can develop according to Battojutsu technique, and while it may seem strange at first glance, the whole body must be relaxed to achieve a quick and precise reaction. All basic techniques are performed at full speed and are then explained for the practitioner to achieve an appropriate level. The lack of weight on the feet, relaxation of the body, the dropping of the center of gravity are important details that the Master emphasizes in order to achieve a good technical level, and a direct relationship between the base and the application of realistic technique.

Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français