Muay Thai Kickboxing 8 DVD Set by Rob Kaman

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World champion Rob Kaman instructs the art of Muay Thai in this 8 DVD set including bag training, clinching, knees, blocks, counters, leg kicks, elbows, punches, ring preparation, and more.

Vol 1: Muay Thai bag training
Vol 2: Muay Thai clinching & knee techniques
Vol 3: Muay Thai blocks & techniques
Vol 4: Muay Thai leg kicks & take overs
Vol 5: Muay Thai punching and elbow techniques
Vol 6: Muay Thai fundamental ring preparation and fighting techniques
Vol 7: Muay Thai advanced ring preparation and fighting techniques
Vol 8: Muay Thai staying at the top & developing your strong points

Customer Reviews

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Mr. Ralph J Naranjo
Learning to kick box for pleasure

Not only did I receive my instructional videos in a timely manner but I am most impressed by the content and quality of the information.

Mário Leite

A classic of kickboxing

Old tapes but awesome

Old tapes but awesome info from the top thai boxer of all time!!

Dustin Bunnell
There are a few differences

There are a few differences between Thailand Muay Thai and European Muay Thai. In this series, Rob Kaman will teach you how he remained one of the most dominant fighters in Muay Thai History! There's such a wealth of information in here that it would take forever to list them. Suffice it to say, if you fight Kickboxing or MMA...or anything else! This series will develop your striking ability a hundred fold and provide you with so many other attributes! DYNAMITE!!!