Kyusho Jitsu - Vital Points for Intimacy Enhancement by Evan Pantazi (E-book)

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“Kyusho” literally translates as Vital Points and is the areas of the human body that we can get direct access to the central nervous system. Be it for self defense, healing or as our focus in this video production, for intimacy enhancement. Certain nerves when properly stimulated can increase arousal, others increase sensation as well as yet others to intensify and multiply human orgasm. This very simple approach can be used in common and benign actions such as having your hand around your partner’s waist, or in foreplay and continuing up through sexual intercourse. This is a unique body of information and being released for the first time to the public. It is a profound knowledge that will stand alone or in conjunction with other intimacy concepts such as the Kama Sutra positions, Intimate Massage or other Sexual Endeavors. This first issue of 3 volumes will start you on your way to becoming more intimate, pleasurable and satisfying for your partner. Developing a strong foundation and aptitude with this information will enhance not only your intimacy and skill, but it will begin your journey to deeper human experiences! Learn to: Read signs of arousal Subtly increase arousal Increase pleasurable sensations Intensify your partners Orgasm Multiply your Partners Orgasms … And more.  


FORMAT: Book is delivered in PDF format and readable on most e-readers, smart phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers.


Language: English

Contains Nudity

116 pages