Kenpo Knife Defense DVD by Juan Jose Negreira

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In this new work, International Master Juan José Negreira, 7th Dan and Director of the WKKA (Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association) for Europe and South America, deals with the study of one of the most complex subjects in self-defense due to its high dangerousness, fight with knives. The American Kenpo system, characterized by its severity, explosiveness and effectiveness, develops five techniques against edged weapons, working different areas of attack, angles and distances of approach, making of disarm the first priority. Once the adversary has been disarmed, the rest of the flow will be performed under the principles of empty hand techniques. So far this is the ideal phase of training, but what happens if disarm was not effective and the adversary is still wielding the weapon? An opportunity to explore and improve the techniques against edged weapons designed by Grand Master Ed Parker, creator of a revolution in the context of last century Martial Arts, the American Kenpo.


Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French