Kenpo by Larry Tatum 23 DVD Set

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This comprehensive set includes the required forms from yellow belt to black belt, self defense, and more from one of Ed Parker's best students.

Vol 1:Kenpo stances & footwork
Vol 2: Kenpo foot maneuvers
Vol 3: Kenpo dynamic blocking
Vol 4: Kenpo dynamic hand strikes
vol 5: Kenpo dynamic kicking
Vol 6: Kenpo self defense theory & concepts 1
Vol 7: Kenpo self defense theory & concepts 2
Vol 8: Kenpo advanced self defense vol 1
Vol 9: Kenpo advanced self defense vol 2
Vol 10: Kenpo self defense against mass attacks
Vol 11: Kenpo street sparring
Vol 12: Kenpo tournament sparring
Vol 13: Kenpo history & traditions
Vol 14: Kenpo insights
Vol 15: Yellow & orange belt forms
Vol 16: Blue belt forms
Vol 17: Purple belt forms
Vol 18: Green belt forms 1
Vol 19: Green belt forms 2
Vol 20: Brown belt forms 1
Vol 21: Brown belt forms 2
Vol 22: Brown belt forms 3
Vol 23: Black belt forms

Customer Reviews

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James Kenney
most detailed

This has to be the most detailed and informative series on any martial art I have ever seen. Mr. Tatum is one of the clearest and most articulate instructors I have ever listened to. I remember seeing this series advertised in the martial arts magazines (Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, etc.) when they were released on VHS. I only wish I had purchased them then.

anthony alfreda
This is the best and most complete

This is the best and most complete set on Ed Parker's Kenpo. Master Tatum is truly amazing in his technical skills and teaching skills. Very complete set!!!!!!!

One of only two

One of only two (the other being Huk Planas') Kenpo forms DVDs you'll ever need.

Shane Tanner
Dvd learning

I full y look forward to getting a complete set of larry tatum dvd set begginer to black belt