Jujutsu 8 DVD Set by George Kirby

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This comprehensive 8 DVD set covers dozens of jujutsu techniques by George Kirby, an early American instructor of the art.

Contents include:

Vol 1: GREEN BELT [6th kyu]-- Specific techniques presented include basic falls and blocking techniques, hip throw, wristlock takedown, hand throw, nerve attacks, rear throw, drop throw, head turn and shoulderlock takedown. You'll learn defenses for hits, shirt grabs, chokes, bearhugs. headlocks and handshakes.

Vol 2: GREEN BELT WITH YELLOW STRIPE [5th kyu]-- Specific techniques presented include the neck throw, ankle block, outer rear sweeping throw, rear circle throw, wristlock takedown, corkscrew, shoulderlock comealong, sleeve drop-throw, wheel throw, elbow-roll takedown, armbar winding throw, knuckle press takedown, scissor choke and the side neck standing submission. You will learn additional defenses for hits, wrist grabs, headlocks, club attacks, handshakes, bearhugs, chokes, shoulder grabs and hair grabs.

Vol 3: PURPLE BELT [4th kyu]-- Specific techniques presented include the outer sweeping hip throw, armbar rear throw, stomach throw, armbar winding throw, wrist side throw, leg lift throw, inner rear sweeping throw, sleeve pivot throw, shoulderlock comealong, floating drop throw, body winding throw, thumb winding throw, inner sweeping hip throw, armlock takedown, lapel wheel throw and a variety of submissions including shoulderlocks and chokes. You will learn additional defenses for hits, club attacks, pushing chokes, knife attacks, shirt grabs, wrist grabs, kicks and headlocks.

Vol 4: BROWN BELT WITH GREEN STRIPE[3rd kyu]-- Specific techniques presented include quick-pull techniques, hand throw, winding armbar takedown, inner rear sweeping throw, wristlock comealong, leg-lift throw, elbow rolls, belt throw, forward finger throw, drop throw, rear circle throw, lapel wheel throw, wristlock and armlock comealongs, shoulderlock hip throw and reverses for koshi nage and tai-otoshi. You will learn additional defenses for knife and club attacks, wrist grabs, kicks, mugging attacks, rear nelsons, headlocks and combination attacks.

Vol 5: BROWN BELT WITH BLACK STRIPE [2nd kyu]-- Specific techniques presented include the body-roll elbow strike, reverse pin techniques, kneelock rear throw and reverse stomach throw. Ground reverses include reverses for an armbar, figure-four armbar and kicks. Baton/hanbo defenses include leg-lift circle throw, forward baton throw, side baton throw and inside forward throw.

Vol 6: BROWN BELT WITH BLUE STRIPE [1st kyu]-- Specific ground defenses include techniques for chokes, two-man carries, and foot stomps. Mat reverses demonstrated show counters for cross-body pin, headlock and armbar. The demonstration of sutemi waza will help you develop the ability to perfect this aspect of the art [executing techniques from a formal sitting position] with many of the techniques you learned in previous DVDs.

Vol 7: BLACK BELT [1st dan/shodan]-- Prof. Kirby demonstrates the remaining techniques you will have to know to reach the level of Shodan, or first degree Black Belt, in addition to the techniques presented in the previous six DVDs. This DVD will emphasize areas to round out your training for 1st degree Black Belt. It will present several gun and rope defenses, techniques for use of the hanbo [30" staff] and yawarra/koshi-no-bo [5-10" stick] and specific counters for resistance to certain techniques.

Vol 8: STREET SELF-DEFENSE-- This DVD demonstrates how techniques can be modified and combined in unique ways, depending upon what the attack is and your surrounding environment. This DVD should be considered an inherent part of your training for Shodan in Budoshin Ju-Jitsu. It will help you develop an awareness of your knowledge of the art and how to deal with multiple attackers, defend yourself while seated in a chair, how to use a cane, and other unique situations.

Customer Reviews

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walter campbell
21st century jujutsu

This is down and dirty to the point no nonsense jujutsu , that unlike many other systems is totally realistic. master kirby has made jujutsu simple for the westerner without watering it down and gives you a wide range of powerful methods to deal with dangerous situations in our time. what is shown is a plethora of extremly brutal throws and and excruciatingly painful joint locks to deal effectively with just about any attack be it empty hand or weapons, the guy will down hard and not get up. thank you budo for offering this.

Excellent and detailed instruction.

George Kirby has been teaching this style of jujitsu for a long time. He is a pioneer in distance learning for martial artists as well. This set is packed with information and well worth getting for any serious student of jujitsu.

anthony alfreda
This is the most detailed dvd set ever in the history of japanese jujitsu

This is the most detailed dvd set ever in the history of japanese jujitsu. Very ease to learn from and very detailed. Also you can get in touch with Master Kirby and earn rank through him. This is a must have set because so much knowledge can be gained from it. Plus the price is very reasonable.