Jin Ryaku no Maki (Principles of Man) Book by Carsten Kuhn

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The Tenchijin Ryaku no Maki consists of 3 parts: The Ten Ryaku no Maki (Principles of Heaven), Chi Ryaku no Maki (Principles of Earth), and the Jin Ryaku no Maki (Principles of the Human Being).

In the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, these volumes are a basic guideline for learning the basic techniques. Only after complete mastering of the kihon (background), will the nine different schools (ryu) of the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu be accessible in their entirety. In the Japanese language, the term Maki describes the scrolls/books in which the knowledge about techniques, strategies, or training methods are written down.

This modern Maki should mainly be regarded as a basic manual for daily training. A special feature of this book is that the individual motion sequences are shown by means of illustrations in order to focus on the performance of the individual techniques. Short, explanatory texts complete the information.

Suwari gata
Kumi uchi
Katate dori
Tsuki gata
Ryote dori
Nage kaeshi
Tsuki to keri
Josei goshin jutsu
Haibu yori
Santô tonkô kata
Ichi tai tasu
Mutô dori gata

136 pages
285 Illustrations