Jeet Kune Do - The Art of Bruce Lee by Tim Tackett (E-book)

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Tim Tackett is a person with an important intellectual training, who has known to approach that knowledge with the necessary respect, but especially with the essential perspective and the intellectual training to be able to transmit it to the new generations. The fight as a backdrop to any question is the framework on which Bruce drew a philosophy of action that went beyond the very fact of fight. Yet it is fighting the heart of this whole question, the ultimate goal of its concerns and obsessions. In this interesting book Tim Tackett draws, step by step, some of the essential keys that are repeated throughout the fight, he thinks about them and teaches us what answers JKD provide, the conclusions which made Bruce Lee the greatest revolutionary of the Martial Arts in the twentieth century. I am honored to present to our readers this book, by a person who I respect enormously, both for his work and as a martial art teacher, as well as an individual. I leave you in the best possible hands to deal with this matter.

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Language: English

129 pages