The Secret of Hakko Ryu Jujutsu Book by Ryuho Okuyama (English Edition)

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Instructional book from the son of the founder of Hakko Ryu Jujutsu.


Intro: History of Hakko Ryu
Chapter 1 Raise your hand as if to scratch your ear
Chapter 2 Imagine yourself as a great Buddha statue
Chapter 3 Do not resist, then you can realize the techniques
Chapter 4 Do nothing except drop yourself with gravity
Chapter 5 Open my hand in the Hakko shape
Chapter 6 The secret of pain
Chapter 7 About kamae (posturing)
Chapter 8 The importance of fingers and their strongest direction
Chapter 9 Danger arises suddenly without time to prepare
Chapter 10 One can only concentrate for a short time
Chapter 11 The technique of guiding your opponent to do what you intend
Chapter 12 Goshin Taiso (Self defense physical exercise)
Chapter 13 The teaching contained in escaping from a bound rope
Chapter 14 Resuscitation methods
Chapter 15 Never do it too much
Chapter 16 Front
Chapter 17 Where am I?
Chapter 18 San Dai Kichu (Three great pillars)
Supplement How to defend yourself a one finger strike

Language: English

# of pages: 192


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Peter Tsisin

The Secret of Hakko Ryu Jujutsu Book by Ryuho Okuyama (English Edition)