Guard Submissions DVD by Mark Hatmaker

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Mark Hatmaker has taken the science and art of ground-fighting to a whole new level on this video.

Even people who've been studying the martial arts (and particularly ground-fighting) for many, many years ADMIT that they have never seen ANYTHING like the moves Mark teaches you on this new DVD.

The video is called Guard Submissions -- and it teaches you exactly what you have to do -- in ANY situation -- to always get yourself in "the guard" position... and force your attacker into submission.

So, what will you learn on this amazing DVD? Here are some exciting examples...

Arm Locks

  • A simple "hand twist" that generates excruciating pain on your attacker -- causing him to give up almost the moment the fight starts!
  • A "pop over" move that instantly gets your attacker off of you -- and puts you on top for an indisputable submission!
  • Your attacker has you in a vicious guillotine choke. What do you do? Here's a subtle wrist manipulation that releases his choke in two seconds flat.
  • "Figure Four" locks that are quicker and easier than even some of the "Brazilian" Jiu Jitsu locks. (These take even the seasoned ground-fighter by surprise!)
  • An unbeatable "coil lock/waist grab" combo that opens up ANY submission you want. You get to choose where you want to go next -- and what you want to do to your attacker!


  • Cut off your attacker's carotid artery -- using his own arm, not yours!
  • How to keep your attacker from mounting you and pounding you into a bloody mess!
  • Super-effective way to apply the guillotine choke to your attacker when you have him in the guard position. Wins the fight every time.
  • A wicked "cobra choke" that completely immobilizes your attacker. Turns him into a wet rag doll so you can do anything you want to him! Whatever you think he deserves!
  • "Triangle" chokes that attack all three major angles of your attacker's neck at the same time.
  • Make the "triangle" choke even meaner and tighter with this slick turn of your body -- straight out of geometry class! What to do when you�re faced with a savvy ground-fighter. How to defeat everything he does, including the "Curly Shuffle".
  • A "Brain Buster" move that will work when all else fails, and you MUST choke the guy out for good!

Arm bars

  • Wait! Your attacker has gone to his feet while you have him in the guard! What do you do? (Don't worry. Mark Hatmaker has the answer. It's revealed step-by-step on this video.)
  • Oh, no! Your attacker has grabbed the back of your head! Again, don't worry. This simple submission forces him to give up or else have one of his arm joints broken.

Surprise Moves

  • When you're tired of countering and re-countering, use these moves. They're so new and so surprising, your attacker will not expect them.
  • A simple counter to the classic "Hollywood Choke" (two hands to the throat).
  • How to turn your forearm into a blade -- and make your submissions hard, fast, and mean! How to defeat even the Strength and Mass fighter -- the guy who's way bigger and stronger than you are. (Hint: Just "go with the flow" and you'll come out on top.)