Crossroads - Warriors Of The XXI Century by Alfredo Tucci (E-book)

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“This book is the result of my reflections published during the past years in Budo International, which I am honored to direct. Each chapter is a personal voyage over thecrossroads that I have been finding in our times, about the reflections that they haveled me to. There is no intention to convince anyone, but I believe that it does invite reflection on almost everything that being a Warrior in our days involves.”Alfredo TuccI.

“At the crossroads in the life of a Warrior, one must do what is necessary to destroy problems, choosing the correct path to take, knowing how to define priorities. Alfredo Tucci is that warrior, one who has these qualities. A friend throughlong and difficult labors. A herald of the Martial Arts. He isn’t afraid to speak the truth. A cultivated man, untiring in the techniques of learning, knowing,t ransmitting, and spreading. His editorials show the culture and the great knowledge he possesses. His sensitivity has led him to be a great painter, his loyalty has made him a sincere friend.I consider myself honored to be his personal friend and with this prolog to be able to participate in this marvelous work.”

Grand Master Mansur, 9th Dan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

“In his present work, Alfredo Tucci educates, inspires and challenges. His thought-provoking insight and skillful mastery of history, culture, and philosophic reflection offer and arm the reader with a perspective of today and a vision for tomorrow. I strongly encourage every martial artist, every scholar, every thinker, and every individual on a quest for truth to read and to study this profound work.”

Grandmaster Christian Harfouche, PhD 10th Dan, Shorite Ryu Tai Jutsu.

Director of the magazine “Budo International”, Alfredo Tucci is multi-faceted, a renaissance man. Painter, writer, businessman, publisher, and master of the Martial Arts, the author of this book has published, alone and along with other authors, various books of great success; among those that stand out is his collaboration with José María Sánchez Barrio in his version of the Chinese classic, “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu (with this same publishing company). His book “Natural Cooking for a Fuller Life”, written at 18 years of age (Everest Publishing), sold 60,000 copies. His passion for natural and Eastern medicine has led him to develop research in the subject, such as his work as a student of José María Sánchez Barrio in themes like thermo-regulation. A student of philosophy, mythology, psychology, astrology, and anthropology; he studied American anthropology at the Complutense University of Madrid.

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Language: English

225 pages