Combat Hapkido - The Art of Self Defense by John Pellegrini (E-book)

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It was a long awaited and extremely pleasant meeting. Grand Master Pellegrini, one of our first friends to make a video for "Budo International", was finally able to make time to share with you his knowledge through a second video, as well as his book. The time has been favourable for this warrior, it has brought him further knowledge and recognition (the only American to hold the 9th Dan in Hapkido in Korea) and, above all, has enabled him to continue his dream of giving life and power to an organization which is spreading like wildfire, a success unusually based on the commitment and quality of a direct and forceful style. Italian Sergeant in the NATO, Master Pellegrini travelled to USA many years ago and has managed to succeed in his adopted land in which he is very popular. Thanks to his military experience and his past as a security expert, he has gained the respect of practitioners interested in realistic ways of combat where he is an expert. Beyond the frills, there is an essentially effective Hapkido; no one better than Grand Master John Pellegrini to teach it. Welcome back Master!

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Language: English

225 pages