Best Karate of Tetsuya Furukawa DVD 1: Basics of Goju Ryu & Shitei Kata

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Tetsuya Furukawa of the JKF Junior National coach appeared in the "Best Karate" series through the Asian Olympics, All Japan Championships, and the National Sports Festival.
Furukawa Sensei is introducing an original secret and notes.
Let's understand the important points along with the essence of a correct basis and each Katas for the skill improvement and accomplishment of a goal.

  • Basics of Goju-ryu
    ・Jodan Uke
    ・Chudan Uke
    ・Gedan Uke
    ・Fuchin Chudan Zuki
    ・Chudan Zuki no Kirikaeshi
  • Gekisai Dai-ichi
    Front / Side / Caution / Tips / Back
  • Gekisai Dai-ni
    Front / Side / Caution / Tips / Back
  • Saifa
    Front / Side / Caution / Tips / Back
  • Seipai
    Front / Side / Caution / Tips / Back
  • Seisan
    Front / Side / Caution / Tips / Back
  • Kururunfa
    Front / Side / Caution / Tips / Back

Language: Japanese & English 
Run time: 60 min.