Complete Introduction to Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido with Didier Boyet (On-Demand)

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Muso Shinden Ryu is one of the largest schools of Iaido practiced today. In this video, you will learn the first 12 kata as demonstrated by Didier Boyet. Front and side angles make the sword cuts and footwork easy to understand. Also includes bonus seminar footage of seminars by Boyet and by his instructor, Takeshi Mitsuzuka sensei - student of Hakudo Nakayama and one of the highest ranking instructors in the world.


-Ipponme (Shohatto)
-Nihonme (Sato)
-Sanbonme (Uto)
-Yonhonme (Atarito)
-Gohonme (Inyoshintai)
-Ropponme (Ryuto)
-Nanahonme (Junto)
-Happonme (Gyakuto)
-Kyuhonme (Seichuto)
-Jupponme (Koranto)
-Juipponme (Kyakute Inyoshintai)
-Junihonme (Batto)

Tying the belt
Tying the Hakama
Folding the Hakama

Didier Boyet 2005 Seminar in California

Didier Boyet interview

Didier Boyet is a direct student of Takeshi Mitsuzuka who trained with the school's founder - Hakudo Nakayama. Residing in Japan, Boyet travels abroad regularly to teach Iaido and Aikido.

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