AP De La Riva Guard with Kristian Woodmansee (On Demand)

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"I think [the modern development of De la Riva Guard] is great. It’s a sign that the position is efficient, and that it opens many new possibilities. I always say that from it you can sweep to any side. So, people are taking advantage of the position to develop new moves."

-Master Ricardo De la Riva Interview with BudoVideos

"AP" De la Riva is a step by step break down of, World Champion, Kristian Woodmansee’s DLR game.

The lesson plan starts with basic theory and guard retention. It moves on to drills and sweeps, followed by submissions and combinations!

BUT, it doesn’t stop there! The second part of this incredible instructional is PASSING the De la Riva Guard! The De la Riva Guard is arguably the most versatile form of Guard. BJJ players with even a basic knowledge of DLR guard can give even great Guard passer a ton of trouble. These are some of the most advanced Guard Passes ever put together in an instructional.

Kristian builds on the fundamentals he showed in the first section, by giving you an understanding of base and balance that the “passer” needs to effectively slice through the DLR Guard.

Many of these are “Woodmansee Specials”, not seen before outside of his training partners at the World Champion Atos Team. Being a Roosterweight in a room full of MONSTERS, Kristian's Technique had to be razor sharp. He demonstartes exactly that in this course!

From the very first technique, you will see Kristian’s attention to detail and why he has been so successful in both Gi and No-Gi competition.

Kristian has used his system of De la Riva Guard to claim titles such as:

  • World No-Gi Champion
  • European No-Gi Open Champion
  • Pan American No-Gi Champion
  • Rome International Open Champion
  • Las Vegas International Open Champion
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