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I recently had the chance to chat with martial arts teacher Bjorn Friedrich. Bjorn originally released his ground-breaking instructional DVD on Brabo/darce chokes about a decade ago but the techniques remain effective and well worth studying. After being unavailable for many years, I'm happy to re-release "Position Brabo" on DVD and On Demand. - Budo Jake   BJ: Bjorn, what do you like about the Brabo/darce choke?   BF: I really like its versatility. You can get the choke from everywhere. If you are more of a top game player you can play a heavy pressure game and use the Darce...


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It's hard to believe it's been 7 years already. It was the summer of 2012 and Budo Dane and I had a live weekly jiu-jitsu show. This was well before Facebook live or YouTube live. Each week we had guests on who would share stories and techniques with us. This particular week I wanted to get two of my friends on to settle their beef - Eddie Bravo & Shawn Williams. You see, Shawn has a guard, aptly named the Williams Guard. Eddie Bravo has his Rubber Guard system. There was one particular move - "The London" as Eddie calls...


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I’ve known Brent Littell for quite a few years now. He was already a 10th Planet black belt when he decided to deepen his gi knowledge by training at Gracie Barra HQ (where I was also training at the time). I was immediately impressed with Brent’s mobility. Even though he’s a big guy he moves very well! After getting his black belt in the gi, now he’s one of a select few that have worked there way through two systems of grappling! In the video below, Brent did an interview for our sister site and it aired on the Japanese...