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TWIBJJ #73 with Giva Santana

On today's episode of TWIBJJ, I talk about:

- Q5 contest winner!

-Caulicure - the new cauliflower ear solution!

Then there's an interview with Giva "the Arm Collector" Santana where he talks about:

-Lotus Club BJJ

-Why swearing when you get submitted or swept in class is the worst thing you can do.

-Why he prefers armbars over chokes (particularly in MMA)

Here's the video:

In part 2, Giva goes over a really nice half guard sequence. 

This unique half guard position has been referred to as "De la Giva" Guard:

 And in case that left you craving for more, here's some smooooth flow rolling with Giva and one of his students!


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  • RC

    Excellent advice from the Professor. I Iove when BJJ advice can be applied to our personal lives as well.
    Great technique portion. I could spend the rest of the year drilling all that and he makes it look so easy. Stellar episode Jake!

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