Chinese Military Hand to Hand Combat 14 DVD Set by Liu Yi

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This rare instructional series offers a look into the hand to hand training of the Chinese military.

This set includes:

DVD 1 Basic combat skills
DVD 2 Punching & elbow strikes
DVD 3 Kicks & knees
DVD 4 Defense skills
DVD 5 Basic throws
DVD 6 Practical throws
DVD 7 Chin na
DVD 8 Chin na counters
DVD 9 Knife takeaways
DVD 10 Gun takeaways
DVD 11 Climbing skills
DVD 12 Military boxing
DVD 13 Capture boxing
DVD 14 Knife skills

Coach Liu Yi began studying Shaolin Kung Fu when he was a child. An ex Chinese special forces member, he has a wide range of knowledge of empty hand techniques and weapon takeaways.

Language: Chinese with English subtitles

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