Kukishinden Ryu Grappling Counters DVD with Stephen Hayes

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TO-SHIN DO “GRAPPLING IN MOTION: Kukishinden Ryu Grappling Counters" is loaded with insights and instructions for countering armed and unarmed grab and grapple assaults, standing up and on the ground. Historical warrior reliability meets modern 21st century practicality, and is brought to real-life application through An-shu Stephen K. Hayes’ visionary To-Shin Do® martial art.

• An-shu teaches Kukishinden Ryu kata Uki-mo for unarmed
take-down of an armored attacker
• Short baton immobilizes a hassler
• Kusarifundo chain catches a punch – classic “Barn Dojo” footage
• 2 ways to strike – bo staff to top of the head
• An-shu Rumiko -small-defender knife counter from the ground
• To-Shin Do ground grapple flow series – first 6 techniques
• An-shu shares two tips for successful ura-gyaku wrist locks
• Throw defense counters a 2-handed bo staff grab