Bujinkan DVD Series 16: Koppou with Masaaki Hatsumi

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Recorded the Daikomei Festival held at the Tokyo Budokan from November 30th to December 2nd, 2000.

Zero power from the whole body. The bones disappear suddenly and appear suddenly.
'93 stick, '94 spear / kodachi, '95 naginata, '96 sword, '97 cane, '98 Shinden Fudo Ryu Happo secret sword, '99 Kuki Shinden style Happo secret sword --- The theme of weapons towards the end of the century Yoshiaki Hatsumi, the Bujinkan who has been working on it, has returned to the arts. The beginning is the "bone marrow", which can be called the bone marrow of martial arts. Martial arts do not need "goodness". Because it will be imitated. The bones for living that the subconscious mind demands. Instead of hitting or kicking, you will learn the bones of space.

About the instructor:

He studied under Toshitsugu Takamatsu, the last ninja who was called the "Tiger of Mongolia," and inherited the sect of the nine Kobudo schools. Togakure-ryu Ninja, Takagi Yoshin-ryu Jutaijutsu, Tiger Fudo-ryu Koppoujutsu, Tamatora-ryu Koppoujutsu, Ungakure-ryu Ninja, Tamashin-ryu Ninja, Yoshikan-ryu Koppōjutsu, Shinden Fudo-ryu Koppoujutsu, Kuki Shinden Ryuhachiho secret sword. The Bujinkan Dojo was established by integrating the essences of the nine schools and has students all over the world.

Language: Japanese

Length: 180 min.


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Nathan Stephens
Koto Ryu

Great DVD! So many ideas that Soke shares through it