Reality Based Personal Protection: Conflict Conditioning DVD by Jim Wagner

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Know how to diffuse a dangerous situation with smart—and legal—self-defense techniques.

In this final volume of Reality-Based Personal Protection Series 2, Jim Wagner demonstrates exercises for both mind and body. Learn what it takes to stay mentally and physically prepared for all stages of conflict.

Taking self-defense techniques, tactics and training to a whole new level, this series features a variety of real-life scenarios illustrating how to escape dangerous confrontations safely.
This volume’s topics include the following:

protecting the box
wall-fight kicking
fight-and-write exercise
hogtie defense
spinning and fighting
the clinch escape
mind over pain
“musical weapons”
different types of push-ups
S.A.S. sit-ups
two-seat person rescue
the savate hop
“walking the gauntlet”

Few self-defense instructors in the world can come close to Jim Wagner’s background. He’s a former soldier, jailer, street cop, SWAT officer, diplomatic bodyguard and counterterrorist agent with the U.S. government. Jim Wagner is one of the world’s top police and military defensive-tactics instructors. He has trained elite units worldwide, including the U.S. Marshals Service, FBI SWAT, German’s GSG9, Israeli Special Forces, U.S. Border Patrol, Brazilian GATE, Argentina’s GOE, U.S. Air Force Security Forces, California Highway Patrol, INS, DEA, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marines, PMO, Helsinki Police Department and security personnel in dozens of prisons. 

Length: 60 min.

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