How to Develop Bujutsu Movements DVD by Tetsuzan Kuroda

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Known for his highly developed "martial arts body", Tetsuzan Kuroda shares drills on creating "correct movements" in this seminar.



-Preparation Movement: Up and down of the chest ... Arm raising and falling  

-How to stand up like smoke 

-Having both hands from the front line 

-Secure both arms secured from behind 

-Slashing of body in Jiu-Jitsu [Swordsman] 

-V-shaped slash with two wrists 

-Four sides of small face torso 

-Look at the edge of the target 【Jiu-Jitsu】 

-Hand palm back of falling (Receiving two kinds) 

-Focused (two kinds) 

-Breakdown from right arm securing 

Fingers single arm Wrestling 

-Correctness of return


Language: Japanese

Length: 60 min.