Upper Body Takedowns for Grappling 2 DVD Set by Adam Wheeler

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Use The Safest Yet Most Effective Takedowns That You Will Ever Need For BJJ: From An Olympic Medalist and Black Belt Masters No Gi World Champion
Adam Wheeler Can Show You How To Easily Out Grip & Take Anyone Down – Without Having To Shoot At Their Legs.


If you get the chance to watch Adam Wheeler compete, it’s something special. He’s a 2008 Olympic wrestling bronze medalist AND a black belt masters division world champion, and every time he hits the mat, he wants to throw his opponent.


Upper body throws look cool for the audience (and it’s DEFINITELY not fun for the guy landing on the mat) but that’s not why. There is real strategy going into this game plan! Instead of getting in on someone’s legs with a single or double, working hard to finish the takedown, and ending up trapped in closed guard (or worse, a dangerous choke or joint lock), Adam has modified every throw in his arsenal so that he is always ending up in dominant position.


Once he grabs you how he wants, the system does the rest, and he always stays one step ahead of the competition. This is a technical, tactical approach to taking people down to the mat that doesn’t require you to be a big, strong lifelong wrestler! You just have to get into the system and let the moves do the talking for you.


Adam wasn’t always the accomplished athlete he is today. After not winning a match his first year on the mat, he decided something needed to change and started approaching his takedowns a lot more carefully and scientifically. After a lot of time and practice, he finally started discovering a move he liked. Then, he found another. And another.


They all worked together, making a system that gave him an answer for every counter. Soon, he was hitting them all the time, and using them against some of the best wrestlers around. He took “The Wheeler Special” all the way to the Olympics, nabbing a bronze for USA Greco, the last American to bring home a medal from the Games in that sport. Now, the formula that turned a winless freshman into a world-class grappler is here in full, with Adam showing the unique ways that he approaches his takedowns and exactly what he does to modify these moves for grappling.