Invisible Armor: Intro to Japan's Esoteric Warrior Arts Book by Serge Mol

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In Invisible Armor, martial arts historian and author Serge Mol, introduces the reader to the esoteric dimension to the art of war, and by doing so paints a completely different picture of the Japanese warrior than the traditional Zen inspired image most readers have grown accustomed to.


160 pages

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Anthony Segal

Invisible Armor: Intro to Japan's Esoteric Warrior Arts Book by Serge Mol

Shinobi Singapore
Book Review

The books arrived in great condition! The transaction was smooth and hassle-free. Highly recommended!

Reality of the Japanese warrior behind the veil of popular culture

Liked this book a lot. It is really dense with information and knowledge about the very esoteric aspects of the warrior culture of Japan. Not exactly a subject for wide discussions. It is beneficial to read a book like this as it challenges your understanding and changes your outlook on how the Japanese warrior and his society is perceived as claimed, through the introduction to what was a reality of combat both personal and en mass, and also the larger scale of using feng shui and religion to survive the rigors of battle.

In truth, a picture painted is quite different, although one may argue that it is even more different from the perspective of the ancient warriors themselves. However, I have to insist that this is pretty close, and properly done, expect for few spelling mistakes here and there. I really think that the book of this caliber should be proofread a little bit better. But rather than that its a dense and very informative book on a rather esoteric and little accessible subject, which is appreciated