The Reverse Triangle Choke 2 DVD Set with Bjorn Friedrich

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The Reverse Triangle is a very underrated but powerful Triangle Choke Variation that can be applied in many unusual ways. In this video series BJJ Blackbelt Björn Friedrich is showing you not just the application of the Reverse Triangle Choke but a complete system of control that can be used to prevent your opponent from passing your Guard and to set up many different submissions.

The X-Shield will help you to develop a strong guard defense and allows you to stay mobile and create distance from your opponent if needed. If you are looking to make your No-Gi Guard stronger and hard to pass and if you are looking for a systematic approach of using the Reverse Triangle Choke this series is for you.

Volume 1 (run time 60 minutes)
X-Shield Control
The Reverse Triangle Choke
Sweep from Reverse Triangle Choke I
Sweep from Reverse Triangle Choke II
Sweep from Reverse Triangle Choke III
X-Shield to Arm Saddle / Reverse Kimura
Arm Saddle / Reverse Kimura to Reverse Triangle Sweep
X-Shield to Triangle Choke
The X-Shield Sweep

Volume 2 (run time 34 minutes)
Dealing with the head on the other side
Using the X-Shield from regular Half Guard
Using the X-Shield from Open Guard
Using the X-Shield from the 2 on 1
One last principle

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