Nunchaku - Master Bruce Lee's Weapon DVD

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By the Nunchaku Experts:
- Alexandre Champendal
- Marc Bremart
- Daniel Althaus
- Romain Althaus
- Sebastien Rozsos

The exceptional film, made with the l'ITNA (International Techdo Nunchaku Association), was created so that you can learn and master nunchaku in all its forms.
The programme of this video:
- Belt exams : yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black
- Kata : block, original, competition
- Combat: Techdo nunchaku, Ju-Jitsu, techniques and demonstration...
- Artistic Nunchaku

Marc Brémart :
In nunchaku combat elite-masters category, Europe champion 2007 FINCA, vice-world champion ITNA in 2008. Black belt 1st dan nunchaku, black belt 6th dan jujitsu, black belt 3rd dan judo and sambo instructor. He has his club in Vevey (Switzerland).

Daniel Althaus :
In nunchaku combat elite-masters category, Europe vice-champion 2007 FINCA, 3rd world championship ITNA in 2008. He has his club in Penthalaz (Switzerland), black belt 6th dan nunchaku and president of the federation ITNA.

Alexandre Champendal :
Has his club in St-Prex in Switzerland, combat nunchaku world champion senior category in 2005 FINCA and 2008 ITNA. He’s a brilliant competitor. Full of hope for the future. Black belt 1st dan nunchaku.

Romain Althaus :
Vice-world champion in combat nunchaku senior category ITNA in 2008. Enthusiastic and full
of energy. Black belt 1st dan nunchaku.

Sébastien Rozsos :
Black belt 1st dan nunchaku. help-instructor in Marc Brémarts club in Veveysan.

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