Takedowns From The Knees DVD by Erik Paulson

Takedowns From The Knees DVD by Erik Paulson

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"These are some drills for takedowns from your knees that will help you stay stable on your knees and keep your balance if you get turned over. We will show you how to get back up so you can stay in top position."

- Erik Paulson

Technique Sections:

Knee Running
Granby Roll
Rear End Bounce to Base
Butterfly Guard
Bear Crawl
Hip Heist
Coffee Grinder
Collar Tie
Tie Ups
Double Leg Takedown
Ladder Drill
Snap - Head Inside Single
Head Spear
Snap & Tap
Arm Drag
Side Run
Sumo Pushing
Running Quick Tap
Running Mount
Roll to Triangle
Hip Post to Guard
Roll to Uma Plata
Quick Arm Locks

Customer Reviews

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Dustin Bunnell
this was invaluable

Since most of my jiu jitsu matches start from the knees, this was invaluable in helping me get a dominant position or sacrifice with submission! If you start from the knees too, don't miss!

Dustin Bunnell
There are so many great points

There are so many great points about this DVD! First off Erik will show you how to completely dominate the mount position. He'll show you how to maneuver and control your opponent and he also shows numerous drills for developing those techniques. Then, the second half is dedicated to passing or reversing the mount position with a numerous amount of techniques, variations and drills. This DVD will make your mount game top knotch no matter what your current skill level.

simen roth
will show you what to do

want to learn takedowns fromt he knees? this dvd will show you what to do. as well as give a bunch of drills to improve you grappling. another paulson masterpiece.

Simply fantastic DVD

Simply fantastic DVD